Protistology Nordics and beyond

Breaking Research Borders for a Comprehensive Understanding of Microbial Life

Save the date! May 3, 2023

To be held in Lund, Sweden

Protistology Nordics 2023: aims to bridge different disciplines over the protist research by covering a range of topics related to genetics, cell biology, ecology, biodiversity, and evolution of protists. The conference is designed to provide a regional forum for early-career and advanced researchers to present their work, and, to ultimately establish a network that will continue to meet and promote protistan research in the in the Baltic Sea and Eastern Europe region. In principle, this conference addresses to scientist who devote most, if not all, of their time to research on the biology, ecology, and evolution of protists, or who find protists to be useful model systems to explore other interesting questions, e.g., mechanism of symbiosis or parasitism or adapation to environments affected by climate change.

Read all about our meeting last year: Protistology Nordics 2022,

Registration to open soon

Organized by Sofia Paraskevopoulou (Lund University), Courtney Stairs (Lund University), Micah Dunthorn (University of Oslo) and Fabien Burki (Uppsala University)